There are situations in which access to the Google Play Store might be limited for a variety reasons.

  1. You may not have a Google account which is required to be able to access the Google Play Store;
  2. There may be region or country-specific limitations to accessing either your Google account or Google Play Store or both; or,
  3. There is simply no internet connectivity in the area you are located in.

Such situations would limit your ability to install applications including Breath Collect. This is a problem when the mobile devices you are going to use for your data collection are not yet configured and Breath Counter not yet installed.

This tutorial addresses the problem described in situation 1 and 2 above where access to Google account and/or Google Play Store is limited but access to internet is not.

For situation 3, steps 2 and 3 of this tutorial will still apply but it would require that you have already done step 1 ahead of time where access to internet is available which will allow you to download a copy of the application on your tablet.

This tutorial shows how to install Breath Counter without using Google Play Store (and without requiring a Google account). Instead, the Breath Counter application package is downloaded direct onto your tablet and then installed directly without going through Google Play Store.

1. Download Breath Counter APK

First you need to download the Breakth Counter APK on your tablet. APK is short for Android application package which is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile applications. Here are the steps to download the Breath Counter APK on your tablet.

1.1 Find a website that offers download service for Breath Counter APK

Breath Counter APK can be available for download outside the Google Play Store through various websites. A quick Google search using "Breath Counter APK download" will give you a listing of non-Google Play Store download options.

For simplicity and to avoid issues with blocked websites, a copy of the latest version of Breath Counter APK has been uploaded to the Valid Measures website. It can be downloaded direct to your mobile device by entering the following address to the web browser of your mobile device:

The download will automatically start once you enter this web address onto the web browser of your mobile device.

1.2 Find the downloaded Breath Counter APK

By default, all downloads are saved in the mobile device’s Download folder. Navigate to your mobile device’s Download folder to see that the Breath Counter APK has been downloaded successfully.

This can be done by opening the My Files application on your tablet and then tapping on Device Storage (1) and then tapping on Download (2). If you were successful in downloading the Breath Counter APK, you will see the application on your Download folder as shown below (3).


2. Set-up tablet device to allow installation of applications outside of the Google Play Store

You will now need to set-up your tablet device to allow installation of application outside of Google Play Store. Following are the steps you need to take.

2.1 Go to Security settings of your tablet

In your tablet device, open the Settings application, then navigate to the General tab (1)  and then the Security settings (2). You will now see the various Security settings. For this step, you wll need to focus on the Device Administration section specifically the Unknown sources option (3). This is the option that will allow you to install applications from other sources other than the Google Play Store. By default, this option is not checked. Check this option.


2.2 Set-up tablet device to allow installation of applications outside of the Google Play Store

Once you check this option, you will get a warning regarding installing application from unknown sources. Tap on ‘OK’ to continue.

The option to install from unknown sources is now checked (1). You can now continue with the next steps for installing ODK Collect.


3. Install ODK Collect on your tablet

You are now ready to install ODK Collect on your tablet using the ODK Collect APK that you just downloaded to your tablet. This can be done by following these steps.

3.1 Navigate to the Download folder of your tablet

For this step, you will need a file manager application to be able to navigate the contents of your tablet. For some devices such as those from the Samsung line of mobile devices, there is a pre-installed file manager application called ‘My Files’.


Open the ‘My Files’ file manager application and then click on ‘Device Storage’ (1). You will now see all the folders inside the tablet including the Download folder (2). Open the Download folder.


You will now see the Breath Counter APK which you have downloaded earlier from your computer (1). You can now proceed with installing the Breath Counter APK.


3.2 Tap on the Breath Counter APK

Once you have found the Breath Counter APK on the Download folder of your tablet, tap the APK to initiate installation. You will now see the following prompt on your tablet screen. Tap ‘Install’.


The next screen will indicate that Breath Counter is now installing on your tablet.

You will see this screen on your tablet to indicate the Breath Counter has been installed. You can tap on ‘Open’ to start using Breath Counter on your tablet device.


3.3 Start using Breath Counter

You can now start using Breath Counter.