This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install R AnalyticFlow.

R AnalyticFlow is a software that enables simple to complex data analysis through the drawing of analysis flowcharts. The key advantage of the use of analysis flowcharts is the effective sharing of the data analysis processes in multi-user or multi-developer or team collaboration contexts. R AnalyticFlow is one of a number of integrated / interactive development environment (IDE) for R. An IDE is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development.

The R AnalyticFlow software is developed and made available without charge for any purpose by Ef-prime, Inc.

This tutorial shows installation of R AnalyticFlow on a computer with Windows 7 installed. The same set of instructions will be applicable for a computer running on Windows 8 or Windows 10. R AnalyticFlow can also be installed on Mac OS X and Linux computing platforms through specific installers. This tutorial is specific for installation of the latest version of R AnalyticFlow (version 3.0.6).

This tutorial assumes that R is already installed on your computer (see tutorial on Installing R) and that you are familiar with what R is (see Introduction to R) and that you know how to install packages in R and have installed the required R packages that is needed to install R AnalyticFlow correctly (see Installing packages in R).

1. Go to R AnalyticFlow website

R AnalyticFlow installers can be downloaded from the R AnalyticFlow website at


2. Choose appropriate / relevant website language

The default language of the R AnalyticFlow website is English. Ef-prime, Inc., the makers of R AnalyticFlow, is a Japanese company and there is a language option for Japanese. In case for whatever reason you end up in the Japanese site, the English version of the website can be selected by clicking on English in the language options (1).



3. Go to R AnalyticFlow download page

Click on the ‘Download’ page (2) of the R AnalyticFlow website.



4. Click on the link to the appropriate download version of R AnalyticFow for your computer

In the download page, various R AnalyticFlow installer versions are provided based on operating system (OS) used. For the installer for Windows, a further choice of installer sub-type for 64-bit and 32-bit computer systems are provided (3). Choose the installer sub-type relevant to your system. If your computer system is 32-bit, then you should choose to download the 32-bit installer. If your system is 64-bit, you can choose either the 32-bit or the 64-bit installer. In general, the recommendation is to choose the installer that is native to your computer system. This means that if your system is 32-bit, then you should choose the 32-bit installer and if your system is 64-bit you should choose the 64-bit installer.

In the example below, the computer used is a 64-bit computer hence the 64-bit installer has been selected for download (3).



5. Open the R AnalyticFlow installer

Go to the directory in your computer where downloads are saved. This is usually in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your directory.

If you have downloaded the 64-bit installer, the filename of the installer is RAnalyticFlow_Setup_x64_3.0.6 (4). Double-click this file to open and initiate installation. You can also right-click on the installer and then choose Open from the dropdown menu.



6. Initiate setup wizard

A setup wizard will be initiated. Click on Next to continue (5).



7. Review and agree to license agreement

Review the license agreement for using R AnalyticFlow. To continue installation of R AnalyticFlow, click on I Agree (6).



8. Choose software components and features to install

Choose the compoenents and features of R AnalyticFlow that you want to install (7). Click on Next to continue (8).



9. Choose installation folder

R AnalyticFlow. The default directory folder to which R AnalyticFlow will be installed is at C:\Program Files\RAnalyticFlow\3\ (9). Click on Browse and select another folder to install R AnalyticFlow in a different folder (9). Once you have decided on which folder to install R AnalyticFlow, click Install to start installation (10).


10. Installation complete

The setup wizard will then let you know that installation has been completed. Click on Finish to close the wizard (11).


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